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                                             in this issue:

      The 36th Annual    P. 14
      Atlanta In Pictures                    14    This Year’s Atlanta International  34   Do You Have A Goal?
                                                   Auto Show Welcomed Thousands

                                                                                          “Let’s Talk Production”

      Special Issue:                               at the GWCC                            By Kemp Evans
      Strategies & Techniques P. 24          16    For Many Brands Regional Shows         M5 Management Services, Inc.
      Automotive Advertising

                                                                                          Your Own Gross Profit
                                                   are Big Deals Emphasis More on   36    Stop Getting in the Way of
                                                   Buyers, Less on Media Coverage
                                                   By Amy Wilson                          By Sean Browning
      2     Mission Statement                                                             American Financial &
            Board of Directors               18    GAAMA Journalists Named                Automotive Services, Inc.
            Turn Over A New Leaf                   Best Vehicles in Atlanta
                                                   International Auto Show          38    The Virtual Academy For
      4     Drive On                               Christopher Lawrence                   Automotive Professionals Programs
            Shayne Wilson, President               GAAMA
      5     Advertiser’s Guide               20    The Top 10 List of Provisions    40
                                                   Included in the 2017 Tax Reform
      6     Wholesale Prices Up Second             By Tara Thomas
            Consecutive Month in May               Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
            By Jonathan Smoke
            Cox Automotive                   22    Fast Revenue on Your Serice Drive,
                                                   Sustained Results
      8     Best Practices                                                          44    Academy Schedule
            Merchandising New Cars:          30    Special Community Service Edition                                 TV AD
            Is It Worth It?                        MAADA Charity Partners Update
            Cox Automotive
      10    Supreme Court Ends the Uncertain
            Treatment of Service Advisors      24 SPECIAL SECTION:
            Under Federal Overtime Laws
            By Chelsea M. Deppert
            and Steven Ferenczy                       Automotive Advertising Strategies and Techniques
            Fisher & Phillips LLP                      25  Automotive Advertising Driving Your Business Forward (TV ADs)  BILLBOARD
                                                       26  Friend? Followers? Influencers? (Radio Ads)
      12    Brands Need to Join the 21st                  By Bob Jackson | Entercom Atlanta
            Century and Tap Into Radio A               27  Strategic Outdoor Billboard Advertising for Dealerships (Billboards)
            By Adweek                                  28  Reach & Influence Auto Shoppers Throughout their Journey (Digital)  Digital
                                                          By Lynda Arey | Cox Media Group                            Ad
                                                       28  Consider Print as an Invitation for Foot Traffic in Your Dealership (Print Ads)
                                                          By Lynda Arey | Cox Media Group                            Print

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