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Board of


                                                          MISSION STATEMENT:
                                                          The Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers Association is made up of over 150
                                                          franchised new car and truck dealers from the 18-county Metro Atlanta
                                                          area.  The association and its members strive to uphold the highest
                                                          standards of honesty and integrity and continuously work together to
                                                          improve the car buying experience for Metro Atlanta consumers.

           Allan Vigil            Clay Nalley
            Chairman            Immediate Past

                                                            Walter Bridges       Ernest Hodge          Don Jackson

                                                            Steve Rayman            Bo Scott            Bill Voyles

      “Turn Over a New Leaf”

                                                                     or as many as 140 years the naturally aspirated motor (an
                                                                  Finternal  combustion  engine  in  which  oxygen  intake  de-
                                                                   pends solely on atmospheric pressure and does not rely on
                                                                   forced induction through a turbocharger or a supercharger)
                                                                   has dominated how the automobile industry provides pow-
                                                                   er to the front, rear and or a combination of front and rear
                                                                   wheels of vehicles to move millions and millions of us ev-
                                                                   ery day on our journey of life. But over the past ten years we
                                                                   have slowly and now quickly seen the resurgence of another
                                                                   way for Automobile Manufacturers to power our vehicles of
                                                                   choice.  The “Alternating-Current Induction Motor” “Electric
                                                                   Motors” for, you guessed it, Electric Vehicles!
                                                                   With the thousands and thousands of Electric Vehicles now annually
                                                                   being purchased in Georgia the Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers
                                                                   Association realizes the long-term growth (sales) and market share
       From left to right: Gary Long, Jason Beagle, Shayne Wilson, Barry Benson, Matthew Beard, Randy Nelson
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