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        Continued from page 2.
        of the “Electric Vehicle” and the need for trained technicians to
        help maintain and repair the electric motors and drive systems
        moving forward. So, we here at MAADA are proud to announce
        that we have received a New Nissan Leaf from the generosity
        of Nissan North America which will help us provide real world
        application of curriculum covering all aspects of the Electric
        Vehicle Motor, Drive Systems, Charging Units, Air Conditioning,
        Suspension and Electrical Systems throughout the Nissan Leaf.
        We  at  MAADA  want  to  thank  Nissan  North  America  and  their
        wonderful associates during this process and for providing the
        wonderful Nissan Leaf, Special thanks to Dale Sonnenberg,
        Nissan North America, Billy Hayes, Nissan North America, Bar-
        ry Benson, Nissan North America, Jason Beagle, Nissan North

        We at MAADA are forever grateful to Nissan North America for
        their support in our endeavor to provide quality education and
        training to our dealer members and beyond!

        Look for upcoming classes at MAADA in the near future dedicat-
        ed to the Electric Vehicle!

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